SKIJACKED “Frozen”, reviewed

Posted in Uncategorized by MOVIE, REVIEWED on February 6, 2010

SKIJACKED – “Frozen”, reviewed

by Gregory A. Butler

In recent years, North American moviegoers have gotten somewhat spoiled by all the multimillion dollar budget films presented before us in the multiplex each week.

It’s easy to forget what a skilled director and a talented writer can do with a simple story, talented actors, a few good locations and a couple hundred feet of film stock – indie auteur Adam Green’s “Frozen” reminds us that you don’t need big bucks to make a good movie.

As the story opens, we meet three twentysomething Boston-area college students – Dan Walker (Kevin Zegers) his lifelong friend Joe Lynch (Shawn Ashmore) and Dan’s new girlfriend Parker O’Neil (Emma Bell) who Joe very much does NOT like.

They’re on the slopes at a New Hampshire ski resort (with Utah standing in for the slopes of the Granite State) and Dan has gotten Parker to sweet-talk the ski lift operator into letting the three friends ride without paying for lift tickets.

This later proves to be their undoing when, on the way up for one last run down the slopes, Dan, Joe and Parker get trapped on the lift.

At first, the three friends think this is just a brief outage – soon, they figure out that they are trapped, because it appears that the lift has been shut down as the resort is closing for the night.

This is kind of a big deal – since this particular ski resort is only open on weekends and it happens to be Sunday night!

Initially, the skiers are only mildly uncomfortable – they’re starting to get chilly, Parker’s fear of heights is starting to really get to her and Joe and Parker both need to relieve themselves (Joe is able to find an undignified but effective way to relieve his bladder – Parker unfortunately can’t do anything about hers).

But then, after an attempt to get help goes horribly wrong, their situation rapidly deteriorates from minor inconvenience to a life or death struggle for survival.

Green keeps the suspense up throughout the last two thirds of the film – and you never know what’s going to happen next.

All in all, “Frozen” is a very good thriller and I would recommend seeing it.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 is unwatchably bad – 10 is incredibly awesome) I give “Frozen” a 7.97.


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